ITPA Photographer of the Year 2013

ITPA Photographer of the Year 2013
Dear ITPA colleagues – It is time again for our ITPA Photographer of the Year 2013 competition

This year there will be a couple of changes.

There are now two awards

1) The Tommy Hindley Award for the best portfolio of 10 tennis photos taken between the 1st January 2013 and the 31st December 2013. The ten photos can be of anything tennis related and can offer as wide a breadth of coverage as you want.

2) The Tennis Photo of the Year. From each portfolio one picture can be nominated as the photo of the year. Alternatively, if you don’t want to enter ten photos as a portfolio, you can just send one photo for the Photo of the Year. Again, this photo has to have been taken between January 1st 2013 and December 31st 2013.

The closing date for entries is 15th May, 2014 and if the photos can carry no metadata and have the title –
ITPA-2013-1001 and upwards to 1010. Can you please email them to me at and can you send the 10 photos in 3 emails and can you keep the size to no bigger then 72 DPI and the longest side no more than 1600 Pixels.

This year’s judges will be made up of a panel of three top photographers including Bob Martin.

The results will be announced at Wimbledon during the Championships.

I will put all the entries up on the web site by the start of Roland Garros.

See you all soon